Cepoco Content

Manage single source content easily from UI. Published content can be used by developers in multiple applications

How Cepoco Content Works for Developer

Cepoco Content provides structured contents through RESTful APIs and SDKs that can be used to by developers. Supported programming language for SDKs are C#, Java, Python, JavaScript and many more. Also, open RESTful APIs allow developers for more advanced usages

Content Repository

All user created contents can be managed in single location. And other applications can tap on our open RESTful APIs

Open Platform

Cepoco Content is design with Open Platform in mind. Developers can extend the functionalities and integrate with the other platforms easily

Develop using SDKs

Providing SDKs with different programming language helps developers to start building their application quick and easy

How Cepoco Content Works for Authors

Cepoco Content allows authors to manage structured contents efficiently and effectively in single location. Publish the content to be used by any kinds of applications

Efficient content authoring

Author friendly UI/UX primarily focuses on efficient content authoring experience. Multiple shortcuts are provided for advanced authors

Single source of truth

Stop duplicating same content in different applications. Manage in a single repository and use them in other applications

Content first

Contents could not be reused with the traditional content management system. Content first design makes it possible and even allows scaling

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